We are Despite Dwight

Despite Dwight brings an unabashed spirit of fun, energy and soul to every gig.

These lifelong musicians came together in 2006 looking for an outlet to “keep the music alive”, each having propelled themselves into successful business careers with growing families. Despite Dwight, now ten years strong, brings tight harmonies and musical enthusiasm that will get your audience on their feet!

Though only part-time rockers, their passion and contagious energy delights audiences. Professionalism and musical creativity shines through in interpretations of artists ranging from Joplin to Pink, Elvis to Eric Hutchinson, Motown to Maroon 5 – an eclectic assortment of tunes with something for everyone!

Despite Dwight is led by vocalist Allison (Berry) Farquharson and bassist Jim Goldenberg along with guitarists Mark Endresen and Scott Ferrigno, Mark DiOrio on keyboard and Matt Koomey on drums.

Like every garage band, getting that first gig is a challenge. Having spent hours upon hours at our favorite bar & restaurant, Solstice Restaurant in Kingston, MA, planning out the songs we’d play and identifying potential band mates, it was only fitting that our first gig be at Solstice’s Annual Summer Party & Fundraiser. We just had to convince owners John & Hollie Cataldi that firing the band they had already hired, and bringing on Despite Dwight would be a good idea.

John & Hollie took that major leap, sight unseen, band unheard…it really could have been a disaster! But what it has turned out to be is a long term love affair with the perfect combination of incredible food, indelible memories, inseparable friendships, incomparable musical feats… all in the spirit of celebration and philanthropy benefiting numerous worthy charitable organization across the South Shore.

Since that first gig in 2006, the band has made it our mission to support charitable organizations by playing free of charge at fundraising events.


You may be wondering where we came up with the name ‘Despite Dwight’.  It’s a story that’s been told and retold over the last ten years such that it’s hard to remember exactly how it went down, details now fuzzy – more folklore than factual.

Wanna know more? It all started at our first practice together at Long Point Marina where Jim was renting office space… Read our story as told by Maribeth Conway from the Duxbury Clipper.

Meet the Band

While the band loves playing together and clearly knows how to get a party going, music is by no means their only profession…among these successful business professionals and musical enthusiasts you’ll find a doctor, a lawyer, a CEO…

Allison (Berry) Farquharson | Lead Vocals
Jim Goldenberg | Bass & Vocals

'We like to joke that Mark’s the only real musician in the band,' said Berry of band mate Mark Endresen. 'He's not only famous…the great king of the band Calypso Hurricane...he’s an incredible music teacher whose unbridled enthusiasm is contagious.'

Mark Endresen | Guitar & Vocals
Matt Koomey | Drums

'We just enjoy each other’s company,' said Koomey 'Great musicians and great music, it’s an amazing combination.'

'Inspiring someone to sit back and relax or get up and dance,' said DiOrio, 'it’s no small feat these days.'

Mark DiOrio | Keys
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